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Penguin Travel - Reviews
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Kenneth Louis I./ United States
(Dato: 06.02.2014)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: Balkan Kaleidoscope
We just finished a 2 week tour of the Balkan countries/Balkan Kaleidescope with Penguin Travel. there were 3 customers and our Valentin. The trip was wonderful,even with a mishap with our car. Valentin was a professional in every way...his information on each day's itinerary,his driving skills,his friendly manor all were extraordinary! How he and Penguin handled the car accident was so professional. We would take this trip again...especially with Valentin. We highly recommend Penguin,Valentin,and this tour!

Luís M./ Portugal
(Dato: 28.11.2013)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: From Victoria Falls to Namibia and extension to Botswana (camping safari)
This tour ran very smoothly, 100% according to expectations! It was a hard camping tour, with ‘wake ups at 5h00’ in the morning, assembling/disassembling tends and all our stuff hundreds of times, and magnificent sunsets in the desert or in the bush! But extremely well organized! What impressed me more was the quality of the local tour guides: Shandly and Gibson were, by far, the most complete tour guides I ever met! From exceptional knowledge of the environment and local fauna to driving for several hours in a row, from good cooking and shopping to camping management, from caring everybody to extreme hardworking all the time, always with a high spirit and typical humor to face all situations, these guys were second to none! My special thanks to them, because most of this tour’s success was due to them! The safaris were also extremely well organized. Actually this Tour is a kind of a safari’s Enciclopedia: walking safaris, truck safaris, canoo safaris, jeep safaris, river cruise safaris, even plane safaris if we were willing to pay, you name it, and you got it! And a special thanks to all group for their team spirit and kindness: My 66th birthday happened during this tour, and everybody was very kind to celebrate it with me! I’ll be looking to your site, because I’m now addicted to Penguin and next year most probably I’ll engage myself in another of your offers!

Lesley E./Canada
(Dato: 10.07.2013)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: Monastery cycling tour in Bulgaria
Zlatna as a guide was excellent, very knowlegeable of country and history, very interesting and engaging guide.

Adrian W./UK
(Dato: 01.07.2013)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: Horseriding holiday "Balkan Village Trek", Bulgaria
The guide went the extra mile to help us during our holiday. I enjoyed eating traditional food.

Claudia M./Germany
(Dato: 06.06.2013)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: Horseriding holiday "Balkan Village Trek", Bulgaria
The whole trip was an excellent chance to get an insight of Bulgarian way of life. Thank you!

Asa G./ Sweden
(Dato: 08.01.2013)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: Balkan Village Trek (8 days progressive ride in Teteven Balkan area)
Our horse-guide was so so nice. He knows the mountain in his heart.He has lovely humor.

Anna Elisabeth A./Sweden
(Dato: 09.09.2012)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: Transsiberian Railway
The guides where good and knew many tings. Like the high tempo. It way easy to talk to the guides, and they have no problems of answering and sharing about their life situation. Ekaterina has a great personality and despite her young age she managed to take care of the entire group very well. Responsible person that always looked over the group and help out with different tasks. We strongly recommend her for more trips and guides tasks. We liked that the picks up on each sation were on time. Very professional. The hotels and food places hade high standards. Schedule was well prepared and good communcation on what were suppose to do.

Brigitta V./Denmark
(Dato: 09.08.2012)
Vurdering: 10/10
Тur: Transsiberian Railway
Highlights of the trip: There very many – The trainride from Moskva to Irkutsk, absolutely the camp at the Ger in Mongolia, and the horse ride – it was fantastic. Also the stayover in a small fishing village near Irkutsk was very nice, and the tour round Irkutsk was brilliant – I liked the lokal guide Demitri very much. But of course not as much as I liked Ekaterina :). The Great Wall was of course perfect – and I walked all the way up – which I didn´t do the first time I was there. I very much liked the hotel in Beijing too – it was the perfect place – in the Hutong area and near the good spots. Ekaterina was – and I have been on many journeys – extraordinary, she was full of good humour, she was able to gather the group although there were differencies, I had the pleasure to share room with her in Beijing, because it was a good solution for me and my friend, she was flexible – she was very well equipped with necessary things – when you needed it. She was at the top.

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Sofia - byen som ikke likner andre europeiske hovedstad

I en ny artikel i Politiken oppfordres det til å ha helg i storbyen Sofia - Bulgaria's sjarmerende hovedstad. En del av Penguin Travels reiser i Bulgaria starter og slutter i Sofia. Blant annet arrangerer vi vandreferier og sykkelferier omkring Vitosha berget, som ligger ved Sofia. Vandre- og sykkelferier arrangeres for en helg eller lengere. Les artiklen i Politiken her! Se mere om reisene...